The church's governing board (Session) is made up of 12 Elders divided into five ministries to oversee the work of the church. The Pastor is the Moderator of Session and the Head of Staff. You may also click Organizational Chart for full detail of each ministry. Please click on a ministry name below for more information about that specific ministry.

2020 Session Ministries

Building & Grounds    

Doug Williams (21)

Dennis Spargur (22)

Congregational Life

Patty Brus (22)

Debbie Montgomery (20)

Clerk of Session

Cathy Aardema


Mary Phillips (20)

Lejean Mitchell (22)

Mission and Evangelism

Connie Fisher (20)

Lisa Heimer (21)

Stewardship, Budget & Personnel

Dave Bensink (21)

Mike Schnee (21)


Jonene Geile (20)

Jennifer Chanley (22)