stewardship, Budget, and Personnel

Our committee essentially handles the day-to-day, nuts-and-bolts aspect of church finances; the business end of the church, so to speak. This includes personnel matters for the church, reviewing and approving monthly/annual financial reports, proposing the annual budget to Session, handling bi-weekly payroll, ensuring compliance with State and Federal employment and reporting laws, paying weekly bills, maintaining the integrity of church finances and providing overall financial advice and guidance to the congregation, Session and our employees. Additionally, we manage the stewardship campaign, which has become a continual, year-around process of educating, encouraging and communicating with the Congregation regarding church finances.

Committee Members

Pat Montgomery, Pastor and Head of Staff

Elder, Dave Bensink                          Ron Watson

Elder, Mike Schnee                           Elaine Novakovich

Konnie Haman                                  Dave Shultz

Church Staff

Pat Montgomery, Pastor and Head of Staff

Quincy Sondeno, Administrative Assistant to the Pastor and Treasurer

Debbie Kousoulos, Financial Secretary

Roy Bruce, Custodian and Grounds Keeper

Darla Bruce, Custodian and Grounds Keeper

Jonene Geile, Music Director

Wendy Corr, Worship Leader

Tim Schoessler, Pianist and Organist


Stewardship, Budget and Personnel Ministry contact email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cash donations to the church tax deductible?
Generally, yes. As a member of the PC(USA) denomination, donations to our local church are considered donations to a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity. The local church is covered under the umbrella of the General Ruling granted to the PC(USA) denomination on January 31, 1964 (EIN 23-6393377, Group Exemption Number 1617). Please visit with your tax advisor regarding donations made to the church and whether or not they are deductible on your tax return.

Can I include donations to the church as part of my will? We are humbled you would consider keeping the local congregation in your heart after you have gone to be with Jesus. Bequests to the church can certainly be a part of your will. Please consult with your legal counsel and tax advisor on how to properly fulfill your final wishes.

Can I donate out of my retirement (IRA) accounts to the church? You sure can! If you are over the age of 70.5, all
or portions of required minimum distributions (RMDs) from Traditional IRAs can be given to the church. RMDs are
not counted in your adjusted gross income for tax purposes which means it is a tax benefit to for you. Please visit with your financial advisor or contact the church to see how this can be done.

Are there other ways, instead of cash, to help out my local church financially? Absolutely! There are a variety of ways. Many individuals find it extremely tax-beneficial to donate appreciated stock to the church. You can also donate non-cash items that the various committees of the church may ask for throughout the year, such as school supplies, meals for the hungry, etc. Please visit with your tax advisor regarding what is required of you as a taxpayer to claim these deductions on your tax returns and how they can help you provide for your local congregation and community, while potentially lowering your
tax burden.

What is tithing? Tithing commonly refers to the practice of giving one tenth (10%) of your gross income back to the Great Provider of all good things; God Himself!

Is pledging the same thing as tithing? Not necessarily. A tithe commonly refers to giving a specific percentage (10%) of income to the Earthly work of the church, whereas a pledge is a written promise of any amount.

Can a tithe be a pledge? Absolutely and we would encourage you to do so!

Can only tithes be pledges? Nope! A pledge can be of any amount.

So, what is a pledge? A pledge is simply your promise to give the amount of the pledge to the local congregation over the course of a given year.

Why is a pledge important? When our committee works together to propose a budget to Session, we rely on the influx of pledges to support the work on the church. Pledging is a crucial part of the budget-setting process as that amount gives a solid financial foundation to work from to develop the rest of the budget. If folks don’t pledge, we are left to guess at what our future income will be, which is scary! Of course, we trust God and all of His provisions, but we sure appreciate and value those folks to take the extra step of committing, via a pledge, to support out wonderful church family.

Committee links and resources

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