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Ministry Purpose
Our ministry task is to nurture body, mind and spirit, living out God’s call to serve. We encourage fellowship by providing a foundation to grow in our knowledge of the Bible through teaching and exemplifying Christ like living.

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our Education covenants

Our pledge, as part of the Christian Education Program at First Presbyterian

Church of Cody, contains a threefold covenant:

1) The church pledges to:  

  •     Provide a teacher's training workshop.
  •     Provide quality educational programs.
  •     Provide supplies, support, and oversight to teachers.
  •     Provide safe space and opportunities for Christian growth.


2) The teachers pledge to:  

  •     Participate in the Teacher's training workshop.
  •     Be centered in prayer.
  •     Attend worship on a regular basis.
  •     Devote the necessary time to prepare the lessons.
  •     Follow the curriculum.
  •     Have the classrooms set up and ready for students.
  •     Plan ahead for supply needs.
  •     Call a sub when unable to teach.


3) The student, and parents of minor children, pledge to:

  •     Have the students to class on time.
  •     Expect attendance at every Sunday and/or Wednesday Night class.
  •     Have students rested and ready to learn.
  •     Go over the lessons at home to re-enforce the learning. 
  •     Pray for the students, teachers, & the Christian Education Program.