Education is a critical aspect of the spiritual growth of all believers. At First Presbyterian Church of Cody we offer a wide variety of programs for individuals and families. This section includes our Sunday School program and Wednesday Night program at the Church. 

Join a class, there's something for everyone. Come Grow With Us!

Class offerings


  • SUNDAY SCHOOL YOUTH CLASS | “All Together Now”
    Pre-K through 5th
    Please join us for an all-in-one classroom this fall with a focus on Exodus. We will joyfully learn about God’s message and each other. We will also grow in our relationships with Jesus and with each other. Taught by Stacey Skoric and Karen Anderson, with the help of other volunteers. 
    “A Bible Survey, Reading Bible Literature from Genesis to Revelation”, led by Pastor Pat. 




  • Dinner: Please join us for dinner beginning at 5:30 pm.
    (If you know you will be running late from practice or work you can phone the office before 3:00 pm and ask to have a plate set aside for you.)

Classes will begin at 6:00 pm.

  • Youth class: for grades 1 through 5 curriculum “13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Kids about God”, 

  • Youth Group: Middle School and High School.

Please see the detailed 2018-2019 Educational Calendar:

2018-2019 Education Calendar

Education Ministry Contact Email:


We offer exceptional childcare for infants and toddlers during our Sunday morning services and Wednesday night program, so you can know that your child is in great hands while you worship God and learn from His Word.

Our welcoming nursery for newborns up to the age of 4 is available during worship (9:15-10:30) and Sunday School (11:00-12:00 during the regular school year). 

Youth and Adult

Sunday School

We offer youth and adult Sunday school classes from 11:00 pm -Noon on Sundays during the regular school year.

Wednesday Night Program

There are youth and adult education classes on Wednesday evenings during the regular school year with a meal provided before class. 5:30 pm dinner is served and from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm is class time. Parents with newborns up to the age of 4 may bring their children to the nursery during class. If you have older children you may enroll them in their own class. 1st grade through 12th grade classes are available.

our Education covenants

Our pledge, as part of the Christian Education Program at First Presbyterian

Church of Cody, contains a threefold covenant:

1) The church pledges to:  

  •     Provide a teacher's training workshop.
  •     Provide quality educational programs.
  •     Provide supplies, support, and oversight to teachers.
  •     Provide safe space and opportunities for Christian growth.


2) The teachers pledge to:  

  •     Participate in the Teacher's training workshop.
  •     Be centered in prayer.
  •     Attend worship on a regular basis.
  •     Devote the necessary time to prepare the lessons.
  •     Follow the curriculum.
  •     Have the classrooms set up and ready for students.
  •     Plan ahead for supply needs.
  •     Call a sub when unable to teach.


3) The student, and parents of minor children, pledge to:

  •     Have the students to class on time.
  •     Expect attendance at every Sunday and/or Wednesday Night class.
  •     Have students rested and ready to learn.
  •     Go over the lessons at home to re-enforce the learning. 
  •     Pray for the students, teachers, & the Christian Education Program.